Fall Silently

A fantasy story by Itsasu Deauxnim

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Note to Readers (And especially to myself)
Welcome to Fall Silently. Thank you for looking around and maybe--MAYBE consider reading the material. Lord knows how little you kids read these days.

My name is Itsasu Deauxnim (if you stretch the French in that name a little bit you can hear the slight pun), some also know me as Metacifer, the eloquent house.

Anyway, I would like you all to recite the MST3K mantra before reading.

" It's just a show, I should really just relax. "

Well, except that it's not a show but a story... but... you get the idea. Basically, there WILL be errors in this story, whether science-wise, history-wise, technologically-wise, magic-wise...

Magic-wise? Hey, if by some off-unlikely-chance people in the future still read this shit (Hi, future people), maybe they WILL develop magic. And maybe they'll read my stuff and say "THAT'S NOT HOW MAGIC WORKS!"

I can totally sympathize.

But come on, it's just a story, it's not gonna totally resemble real life. I am not all-knowing, I cannot be all-knowing, and at least I tried. Seriously. This advice is also for myself. You see the word "arquebus" down there? They used to be "musket." After research, then, I realized in horror that there were probably no or few MUSKETS in the time era, but ARQUEBUSES...arquebi? Uh...


"But Itsasu, that's kind of ridiculous. The setting isn't even Earth, but some weird fantasy planet with magic and weird naming systems that combine European cultures altogether. I mean come on. Andrej Wulfingard? Is he Slovenian or Nordic?"

Point taken, imaginary questioner, and this obsession with reality is what drives me to recite the MST3K mantra over and over. You should too. Seriously. Hey, if you are a forensic scientist and is actually reading this (unlikely, but...) raise your hand.

Okay, do you cringe when watching CSI? Yes? All right.

So, MST3K mantra. MST3K mantra. MST3K mantra...

Thank you for coming!

Update: I am a hypocrite, and I cannot do what I just said. I keep rewriting some existing chapters and the one I'm writing now because I'm not sure about accuracy.

Update Deux: SWEET FSM, if you guys spend half the time complaining about 'I DON'T WANT TO READ THIS STORY WITH THE CRAZY FORMAT WHERE THE FIRST CHAPTER IS AT THE BOTTOM' and spend some time considering solutions, you might figure out that you can just go to the prologue here and click that cool little "Next" button good Gods.


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